Projects and Inspiration

Recent Projects


Below are a number of examples of some of our most notable projects in Califonia, Las Vegas and Arizona.


Raiders Stadium

Las Vegas, NV

For the Raiders Stadium project, we provided products that offered better performance for the cost. MBI’s large lapendary products were used in the arena area and the G & S and Fabric Wall ceiling and wall systems were used in the luxury suites.


Tempe, AZ


“The way we wrapped the wood from the horizontal to the vertical is innovative,” says Mathew Chaney, AIA, associate at Ehrlich Architects.” 9Wood created ceilings and cladding with a high degree of accuracy — very close to our design intent. I’d say, 98 percent close.”


Transbay Transit Center

San Francisco, CA


“Within the Transit Center, the space is open and light-filled. Tall, structurally expressive skylights — “Light Columns” — bring sunshine deep into the building, creating a vibrant, inviting atmosphere.”

For Transbay we were able to provide a custom made acoustically performing metal ceiling system to match the unique design constraints with stringent wind and acoustical requirements.

Rio Vista Recreational Center

Peoria, AZ


“The building form uses interlocked curved and folding surfaces creating a 360 degree composition that buffers harsh solar gain while framing protected views to the park and surrounding community.”


J.D. Smith Middle School

Las Vegas, NV

Utilizing the cost effective MBI acoustical panels and baffles, we were able to provide several acoustical solutions for the JD Smith Middle School. Large Accent baffles in the gym area provided an ideal acoustical solution for that large space, while smaller mosaic panels for high traffic classrooms allowed us to meet the acoustical needs in a lost-cost, stylish way.

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