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Wood Fiber Panels with Cardinal Acoustics

Cardinal Acoustics panels are composed of poplar wood fiber fiber, with a magnesium oxide cementlike binder, and are formed in an individual batch process using heat and pressure. The resulting product is durable, attractive, easily decorated and Class A/Class I rated with a flame spread and smoke spread of 0, in accordance with ASTM E-84. These wood fiber acoustical panels are easy to install and work with – perfect for every environment from new construction to remodeling – anywhere acoustic absorption, toughness and flexible design is needed. Cardinal Acoustics panels efficiently absorb up to 100% of sound and stand up to daily abuse in high traffic, high use areas. Cardinal Acoustics is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Columbus, Ohio – experts in the acoustical industry for over 40 years. Our fabrication plant, located in Dayton, Ohio, uses only the finest materials in the manufacturing process, so you can be certain of consistent quality and function.

We start with wood fibers from poplar trees in New Zealand and join them together with a magnesium oxide cement-like binder. For details on the complete process, call us and we’ll provide MSD sheets. Our panels are asbestos and fungus free, and not harmful to the environment. They can be painted up to 3 times without losing any of their absorption ability, are very easy to install and can be shipped anywhere in the United States within 2 to 4 weeks.

All Cardinal Acoustics products start with a base cementitious wood fiber fiber panel, with an NRC rating of 0.45—1.00 depending on the mounting method. Contact us for a spreadsheet to calculate the NRC needed for a specific space. These panels, in addition to their acoustic qualities, resist abuse, and are easily installed in new construction or existing buildings. All our panels have a Class A flame and smoke spread rating.

Standard Interior Panel

Standard interior wood fiber panels are perfect for churches, restaurants, schools – anywhere an economical solution to noise is needed. These panels are lightweight and resist abuse. They can easily be installed in new construction or in an existing building for effective sound control, achieving a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 1.00. All panels are available in standard and beveled edge. Beveled edge panels are recommended in any situation where two Cardinal Acoustics panels come in contact with each other.

Cardinal Complete Interior Panel

When your space requires the highest possible noise absorption, Cardinal Complete wood fiber panels are the solution. These panels have an NRC of .85 or .90 and are ideal for areas like gymnasiums, theaters, or restaurants. The panels have spacer strips already attached plus a layer of insulation to absorb more sound. Cardinal Complete interior panels are prefabricated to provide ease of installation. In lieu of the C-20 or C-40 mounting method, these panels achieve the same result and only require the direct attached A mount. Additionally, they provide extra noise reduction and are available in standard and beveled edge. Beveled edge panels are recommended in any situation where two Cardinal Acoustics panels come in contact with each other.

Cardinal Complete Interior

Direct Attached Ceiling Panels

Cardinal Acoustics wood fiber ceiling panels offer an attractive, textured look combined with durability and sound absorption. Made of high-impact wood fiber, these panels are perfect for use in educational buildings, recreational facilities, or casual dining areas.


• NRC up to 1.00 noise reduction

• Class A interior finish

• Durable

• Limited lifetime warranty against breakage

• Economical with a long life-span

• Can be field painted three times

• Light reflectance up to .75

Cardinal Acoustics ceiling panels come in a wide range of sizes. They can be cut and shaped easily with standard woodworking tools. All our ceiling panels meet the requirements of ASTM E-1264 Type XIV pattern L Class A

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